Thursday, May 24, 2012

Farm Fresh Eggs, Honey, range Chickens

Araucana eggs(rainbow layers)
We are taking orders for our range chickens now.  Our chickens range under the oak trees grazing and eating greens from the gardens. When ready these chickens will be processed by a state-inspected  poultry processor and then  fresh frozen before delivery.  Our neighbor John and Carol Jacobs members of the Albert Lea Farmers Market raise free range Black Star, Red Star, Araucana, and New Hampshire Reds.  Their chickens free range the farm and pastures daily returning to their coop nightly.  The free range grazing adds to their diet and overall health and benefits you with more vitamins, less cholesterol and saturated fat.  The Araucana lays  colored eggs  that range  from turquoise  to deep olive to shades of  brown.  John and Carol are also offering honey from their  farm.  If any CSA members are interested in ordering  eggs, honey, or  chickens please contact me bye email or phone and they will be delivered along with CSA shares.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Early Season 2nd week shares

It has been a very busy time on the farm lately.  We have transplanted the first planting of tomatoes and peppers are going in this week.  I have set up a drip irrigation system for the tomatoes and peppers while other crops are hoping for rain in the forecast.  Weeding is a never ending task that goes on in between the many other projects taking place.  The baby chicks are growing fast and will be moved to a fenced in area near the gardens in the next couple weeks.   Walking through the garden  I see the first plantings of broccoli and cabbage have started forming heads,  the head lettuce is just waiting on rain to fully mature, and the potato plants depending upon variety are more than  foot tall and will soon be hilled.

This weeks Early Season shares will include Red Russian Kale, Rhubarb, 3 types of radish(Rover, D'Avignon, White Icicle) some asian greens Purple Mizuna, Tatsoi, and Hon Tsai Tai.