Saturday, December 3, 2011

Seed order for 2012

We have put in our seed order for next years CSA.  A lot of them have already arrived.  Here is a list of our seed order so far.  If you want to learn more about our seeds you can see pictures and read more at  A few exciting new things we well be growing this year are seedless watermelon(red & yellow), cauliflower(green, white, cheddar, purple), carrots(purple, orange, white, yellow) and lots of new Heirloom Tomatoes.

Bush Beans- Provider(green), Velour Filet(purple), Concador(Yellow)
Beets- Merlin(red), Touchstone(gold), Ace(Red),
Broccoli- Waltham 29, Gypsy
Cabbage- Gonzales(green), Farao(green), Super Red(red),
Carrots- Nelson, Purle Haze, White Satin, Yellow Pak
Cauliflower- Fremont(white), Cheddar(Yellow cheese color), Graffiti(purple), Panther(Green)
Cucumbers- Albi pickling, Marketmore slicing, Diva seedless
Dry Beans- Vermont cranberry(Baked Bean), Midnight Black Turtle(Black),
Greens- Purple Mizuna, Tatsoi, Hon Tsai Tai
Kohlrabi- Eder(white)
Lettuce- Butterhead varieties- Australe, Red Cross, Ermosa,
Lettuce- Bibb variety- Buttercrunch
Lettuce-Romaine variety- Flashy trout back, Winter Density, Helvius,
Cantaloupe- Maverick, Athena
Onion- Walla-Walla, Gunnison(yellow), Ruby Ring(red)
Pac choi- red choi(red), black summer(green)
Peas- Caselode(shelling), Snow Sweet(snow/sugar)
Hot peppers- Serrano, Highlander, Hungarian Hot Wax,
Bell Peppers- Flavorburst(Yellow/orange), Ace(green/red), Yankee Bell(green/red)
Pumpkin- Winter luxury(pie)
Radish- Rover(red), D'Avignon(French),
Rutabaga- American Purple Top,
Summer Squash- Sunburst(patty pan), Golden Glory(Zucchini), Plato(Zucchini)
Winter Squash- Honey Bear(acorn), Waltham(Butternut), Burgess(Buttercup), Sunshine(Kabocha), Confection(Kabocha), Cha-Cha(Kabocha)
Tomato-Sun Cherry(red), Smarty(grape), Mountain Fresh(Red), Pink Beauty(red)
Heirloom Tomatoes- Brandywine(red), Moskvich(red), Rose(red), Striped German(red/yellow), Green Zebra(green)
Turnip- Purple Top White Globe
Seedless Watermelon- Sunshine(yellow), Sweet Bite(red), Farmers Wonderful(red),

Potatoes we get from Albert Lea Seed house and will include- Yukon Gold, Kennebec, Pontiac, Nordland, All Blue.  Fingerling varieties include French, Austrian Crescent, and Russian Banana.